Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A "Divine Appointment" at 2am!

By Sumner Wemp

After being out of town for the weekend preaching, I was going like mad to make it home to teach my first class Monday morning at Liberty. At two in the morning I came to a service station and a little store out in the middle of nowhere. I pulled in and got out of the car for a little break and stretching. I went in and got a coke. I did as I always do when I paid the man; I gave him a gospel tract. He said, "Oh, I have seen these before." "Terrific", I said and asked,"Do you know for sure you are going to heaven." "That is what my wife keeps talking to me about." Good for her. I am sure she does not want to be in heaven and you in hell." You should have seen his face. Then I asked, "If you died right now, would you be in heaven with her." His answer was fabulous. "I never thought about it like that." By now I knew God had made me stop just to see this man get saved. I said to the man, "I have learned as I hope you have, that God does not want her in heaven and you in hell." His face turned as white as a sheet.
God sent me here to tell you He loves you and sent His Son, the Lord Jesus to suffer and die for your sins and mine. He paid the eternal punishment for all you and I both have done wrong, all of our sins for "the wages of sin is death" and Jesus paid the debt in full, rose again and was seen alive by hundreds of people. He sent me here tonight to tell you if you will believe Him that Jesus really did pay for your sins too and receive the Lord Jesus as your Savior too, He will save you as He has your wife and you two will live together here and in heaven, instead of her in heaven and you in hell." It was beautiful the way God opened his eyes and he gladly said "Yes" and we prayed together and he believed Jesus suffered and died for his sins to and God saved him. I was overwhelmed. Bill then asked, would I wait a few more minutes, "I want to call my wife and tell her I got saved tonight." He called his wife at 2 in the morning. He told her about me coming and he had just accepted Christ as his Savior. She asked to talk to me. She was bawling her eyes out and said, "Sir, thank you for talking to my husband and for him accepting Christ. I have been praying someone would come through and lead him to Christ." By now I was bawling with exceeding great joy at what God had done. That is what life is really all about with us as Christians.
Dear Christian, "God said the harvest is plenteous." Someone told you how to be saved and you are going to heaven instead of hell. In obedience to God, you must get the gospel to someone so they go to heaven instead of hell just as you are because someone obeyed God and gave you the gospel. Makes sense? Please do.



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