Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The Lord Jesus built His church on the great central fact of Christianity, which is His deity. That is where the church stands: not on the example of Christ, nor on Christ as a good man or a great Teacher, but on Christ as the eternal Son of the living God. And because of that everlasting foundation, the church is secure for time and for eternity. - Louis T. Talbot

No man should cry during a Meg Ryan movie. - Patrick Warburton

A real man never walks out of the Super Bowl at halftime just because he's getting rained on. - Warburton

The highest is the highest because he ministers to the lowest. - Evangelist Bill Compton

Service certainly brings satisfaction. In fact, the most dissatisfied people I've ever met are those who are searching for happiness and aren't looking through service. You see, happiness is a by-product of service. If you get busy serving God- you'll find what you've been searching for. But if you just search for happiness it will elude you. It's elusive. It'll never come to you unless you search for it in the area of service for God. - Pastor David Bragg

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