Tuesday, April 04, 2017


The will of God concerning character is universal, but the will of God concerning service is individual. - Alan Redpath

A man always has two reasons for doing anything - a "good" reason and the real reason. - J.P. Morgan

It's interesting to note that many of us say we are interested in God's will, but we balk at checking our plans and habits against the plain teaching of the Bible. How can you say you are seeking God's will, if you don't know what the Bible says? This is like going to someone for advice, but not letting him talk. You actually want him to agree with everything you say. - Fritz Ridenour

It is beautiful when a person has opened his heart, received Christ and is living his life to honor and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. If you are living that kind of life, you are going to be glad you did thousands of years from now. You will never live in regret. - Homer G. Lindsay, Jr.

It is God's desire that you grow in the likeness of Jesus Christ. This is the highest goal that any human being can have. God would not set that goal if it were not attainable. You cannot become like Jesus, but you can become MORE like Jesus from week to week. You can be more like Jesus next Sunday than you were last. That is progressive sanctification. When you "arrive" is when you meet Jesus face to face. It is a glorious life when you are progressively becoming like Jesus. - Homer G. Lindsay, Jr.

Salvation is totally the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. He not only saves you but He keeps you saved. He delivers you to His Father. Do not believe for one moment that you can lose what God gains for you in Jesus Christ. It is absolutely impossible. - Homer G. Lindsay, Jr.

Salvation is not in faith. You can put your faith in a bill but if that bill is counterfeit, you have put your faith in the wrong thing. What makes that bill good is not your faith but the government that backs it up. Jesus is the One who saves, not your faith. There isn't anything about you that has anything to do with salvation. It is totally one hundred percent, absolutely, completely the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. He totally and completely saves. It is not your faith, your belief, or your trust, but it is Jesus. It is putting your faith and trust in Jesus and Jesus is the One who saves. - Homer G. Lindsay, Jr.

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