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Question of the Week: 🌿 Do Plants Communicate? ðŸŒ³

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Subject: 🌿 Do Plants Communicate? ðŸŒ³


New research shows trees and plants work together for their health and well-being.  (View in Browser)

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Talking Trees—Secrets of Plant Communication
Are the Trees Keeping Secrets?
Forests are nurseries of health and well-being. New discoveries are showing that this doesn't happen by accident. Stresses constantly threaten to destroy the forest's surface harmony, yet modern scientific research is revealing how marvelously the Creator has equipped His woodlands to respond to these stresses. When the Bible proclaims that "the trees of the woods" give glory to God, this metaphor may be a reality in unexpected ways.
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How Is Eastern Orthodoxy Different?

How Is Eastern Orthodoxy Different?

Hank Hanegraaff announced he is now a member of an Orthodox Church. Get answers to your questions on Eastern Orthodoxy in this article.

Our Suffering Savior

Our Suffering Savior

Unlike first-century Christians, for whom crucifixion was a familiar reality, most of us have a sanitized view of our Lord's suffering.

Ken Ham

Sight & Sound Theaters' Jonah Coming to a Theater Near You

Our friends at Sight & Sound Theaters have an exciting announcement—their stunning stage production Jonah is coming to theaters across America.

Ken Ham

He's Alive!

This weekend we celebrate Easter Sunday. As Christians, we serve a risen Lord! His body hasn't decayed away in a tomb somewhere—He's alive!

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The Last Adam
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