Saturday, April 22, 2017

Question of the Week: Wiccans and Other Pagans: What Do They Believe?

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Paganism is an eclectic worldview that encompasses many specific views. (View in Browser)

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Paganism and Wicca: Out of the Shadows
Paganism is a religion that has been experiencing growth in America since the 1960s, although the number of pagans is difficult to track. Many people don't openly admit to their belief in paganism, and pagans don't belong to denominations or structured religious groups. Understanding what pagans believe can help you share the gospel with them.
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Bats Inspire High-Tech New Flying Robots

Bats Inspire High-Tech New Flying Robots

Researchers have been working on Bat Bot (or B2), a robotic lightweight flier designed to mimic the incredible aerial ability of a bat.

Darwin—the Hero Against Racism?

Darwin—the Hero Against Racism?

A recent article promotes the idea that Darwin opposed the concept of race and that he tried to free us from a racist mindset. Is this a true claim?

Ken Ham

NASA Astronaut Visits the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter

Barry Wilmore, a NASA astronaut, space shuttle pilot, and commander of an International Space Station expedition, visited our two attractions.

Creation Museum

10 Photos That Will Take You Back in Time

As we prepare to celebrate our 10th anniversary, we would like to introduce our Throwback Thursday series. Here are 10 pictures from our archive to enjoy!

The Origin of Races
The Origin of Races
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