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Question of the Week: Can a Pill Make You More Moral? 💊

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Subject: Can a Pill Make You More Moral? 💊


Who should be allowed to make decisions about what is good and what is bad? (View in Browser)

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Prescription for Morality?
A Prescription for Morality?
We often take pills to feel healthier, to ease pain, or to relieve symptoms. But what if you could take a pill to become a more moral you? According to an article in the National Post, "Neuroethicists and other thinkers are increasingly absorbed by the idea of 'moral enhancement' through pharmaceuticals, implanted brain electrodes or other biomedical means."

Some studies have indeed suggested that certain prescription drugs do modify behavior, making people, for example, "more cooperative, less critical of others and more sensitive to other people's pain." But what is the true answer to immoral behavior?
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