Saturday, July 23, 2016

Question of the Week: Is Scientific Research Flawed?

Subject: Is Scientific Research Flawed?
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Is Scientific Research Flawed?
Is Scientific Research Flawed?
Is Science Broken?
We tend to think of science as a dispassionate (impartial, neutral) search for truth and certainty. But is it possible that we are facing a situation in which there is a massive production of wrong or distorted information? Mounting evidence suggests this is indeed the case, which raises two questions: How serious is the problem? And what could explain this?
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The Lie That Keeps on Coming . . . This Time in the Washington Post

The Lie That Keeps on Coming

The Washington Post's first line in a web article today regurgitated the Internet myth that the state of Kentucky helped construct the Ark.
Yaks—Living the High Life

Yaks—Living the High Life

God designed one mighty beast to thrive in extreme Tibetan conditions.
Ken Ham

No Evangelizing Outside of Church Says New Russian Law

These new measures could essentially stop believers from being able to share their faith in Christ with others—even in their own homes—or risk strict fines.
Creation Museum

Creationists Do Better Science

We know that science is possible only because God exists. We know we have a Creator who has revealed Himself through His creation so we can know He is Lord.
Science Confirms the Bible Video
Science Confirms the Bible
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