Friday, July 08, 2016

John R. Rice Quotes of the Week

Will you notice they are cast into the lake of fire unsaved. Fire? Yes. Literal fire in Hell? Yes, that is what the Bible says. It says it not one time, not ten times, not twenty or thirty times, but again and again and again. The rich man in Luke 16 said, "I am tormented in this flame." The Scripture speaks of "cast into hellfire." It says it is better to pluck out your eye or cut off your hand or foot, rather than be cast into the fire having two eyes, two hands, two feet. I do not know any way to show the awful punishment of eternal banishment from God, tormented in flame; but there it is. - John R. Rice 

You say you cannot understand it. I cannot understand how the three Hebrew children, cast into the burning fiery furnace in Daniel, were not burned up, but they were not. Though their bonds were burned off, there was no smell of fire on their garments. I do not understand but I know what God says is true. There is a lake of fire, and Christ-rejecting sinners who won't get saved are going to that lake of fire.
Friend, trust Christ today! - John R. Rice 

You say, "Brother Rice, in America...." Yes, I know. An ungodly she-infidel devil didn't want to have the Bible in schools; her son was embarrassed to hear anybody pray; so she raised a lot of money and went to the Supreme Court and argued and pushed until that left-wing Supreme Court under Warren passed a rule that we couldn't have Bible reading in schools. couldn't have any volunteer prayers in schools.
You say there ought to be an amendment to the Constitution that we canhave prayer and Bible reading in the schools. Yes, there ought to be. But there probably won't be for a long time. Why? Because you backsliders are not for it. You don't even have it in your home. And if you won't take the time to read the Bible and pray in your own home, then you don't really care about whether you have it in the schools.
Oh, we need in America godly homes that read the Bible and pray and raise children to love and respect the Bible.
In your home there is no law to keep you from reading the Bible. The truth is, the communists and the infidels and left-wingers and YOU are just about to take America to Hell. You don't have manhood enough to put God in the family, have Bible reading and prayer in your home. Oh, you must answer for your children! - John R. Rice

Christ was judged for us. He bore our sins. He was punished for our transgressions. He was bruised for our iniquities. Oh, we have all gone astray. But the Lord laid on Him the sins of us all. So Christ is judged in taking the sinner's place. And those of us who will take Christ have escaped judgment. He bore our sins and our damnation. How often this is discussed in the Bible.  - John R. Rice

Do you know why, when He was accused, He opened not His mouth? He could have convinced them. Pilate said, "There is not anything wrong with this Man." He could have insisted. He could have spoken out boldly. In the Garden of Gethsemane, when they came and wanted to arrest Him they fell backward, and again and again when men wanted to stone Him they could not! Why, the Lord could have said the word and gone free. But if He answered and excused Himself and got Himself out, then I would go to Hell, and so would every poor sinner in the world. Jesus did not answer because He took the sinner's place. - John R. Rice

When I got off a plane going to a revival campaign in Oakland, California, I was carrying heavy equipment- dictating machine, records, books, etc., and I fell and broke my knee. There is a knot there yet. But that will be changed, and all the other things that are wrong with me. This broken nose I got in football is crooked. I fell and lost my sense of smell in 1957. Now I wear a hearing aid. All that will be gone. I will be, I think, young and vigorous, just as vigorous as when I played college football and when I rode broncs in West Texas, etc.
But Jesus will be the only One in Heaven with scars, because Jesus will be the only One who was counted a sinner. I am counted righteous. - John R. Rice

Sometimes our Arminian brethren may say, "But, Brother Rice, listen. If you don't hold out faithful, you are not worthy of salvation." I did not start worthy of it. I never was worthy of salvation. I never did deserve it. I don't deserve it now. If I got my desserts, I would go to Hell. But I am not getting my desserts; I am getting Jesus' desserts. I am getting what He paid for, and what was counted His is now counted mine. And the righteousness of Jesus Christ is become my righteousness, and my sin became His sin, and He paid with blood and tears and torment, and the damnation of Hell was upon Him, and God turned His face away and let Jesus die. Jesus paid my debt, and so I am not condemned. - John R. Rice

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