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Question of the Week: Can Science Explain the Origin of Life on Earth?

Subject: Can Science Explain the Origin of Life on Earth?
From the good folks at the highly recommended:

Can Science Explain the Origin of Life on Earth?
Tree roots
The Rules of Science
Science is supposed to be about things that are observable. That is, science can probe only things that we can detect with our five senses. Science also must be repeatable. These restrictions on science have led to what we call the scientific method, the general rules that we follow in doing science. The scientific investigation of the origin of life presents us with at least two problems.
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Why Biblical Creation Is Good Science
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Tasmanian Tigers

Tasmanian Tigers: Extinct or Elusive?

Sightings of Thylacines have been reported over the years from explorers and from indigenous people groups who send hunters into the jungle or mountains.

Beauty blur

Beauty—The Undeniable Witness

God made his handiwork so clear that even a child can see it (Romans 1:18–20). The beauty of His work is inescapable—and an undeniable witness to His existence.

Ken Ham

Religious Institutions Targeted for Seeking Exemptions

Activists are trying to make LGBT issues civil rights ones—but they are moral ones!

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The Nature of Science
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The Nature of Science
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No Choice But Pro Life
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