Saturday, May 30, 2015

Question of the Week: What are the Secrets of Glowing Mushrooms?

Secrets of Glowing Mushrooms Revealed


Glowing Mushroom
God's Design for Bioluminescence
Scientists first had to train laboratory-grown mushrooms to recognize night. Mushrooms cannot detect light, but the scientists found that within two days the mushrooms had set their clocks by the nightly fall in temperature. The mushrooms cranked up their light output about 10 hours after dark. The pattern varied only slightly, depending on the temperature. The mushrooms' internal clocks, once set, intensified their light output about every 22 hours even when kept in total darkness for several days.

The fact that mushrooms have a mechanism regulating light output implies the light serves a purpose, but what is it?
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Bill Nye Agrees: "There's No Such Thing as Race"

Bill Nye recently said, "We're all the same . . . from a scientific standpoint there's no such thing as race"—a biblical, not an evolutionary, view of humanity.

Path in the Forest

Who Cares for Larry?

Addictions, trauma, depression . . . people who come to Christ often face tough problems. Whose job is it to reach out to them? The Bible must be our guide.

Ken Ham

AU Continues Intimidation to Impose Its Religion

Groups like AU and FFRF know if students were taught how to think correctly about origins, they would realize that evolution is a religion in itself.

Ark Encounter

Growing Every Day

About 70 Amish workers will soon arrive to assemble the wooden structure while locally based masons continue building the towers to a height of seven stories.

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