Friday, May 01, 2015

John R. Rice Quotes of the Week

Somebody asks, "Is it wrong to yoke up with unbelievers? I see some who do are being blessed." Yes, but you haven't seen the end of the story yet. You follow Lot, and wait till the end. You follow Samson, and wait till the end. You can't tell by first appearances. - John R. Rice

Somebody else asks, "If it is wrong to yoke up with unbelievers, why doesn't God slap them down right now?" Well, would you want God to slap you down the first time you make a mistake, the first time you are wrong? Wouldn't you rather have mercy? Wouldn't you rather God be long-suffering, slow to anger and plenteous in mercy? Wouldn't you rather God would give you a chance, and deal kindly?
Oh, the mercy of God, who waits so long before He brings judgment on the child of God who compromises! But God does bring judgment. - John R. Rice

In the long run you can be sure that your sin will find you out. The Bible says about liquor, "At the last it biteth like a serpent" [not at the first]. And the Bible says about the harlot woman. "But her end [not the beginning] is bitter as wormwood." "Sin, when it is finished [not the beginning] bringeth forth death," says the Scripture. - John R. Rice

If you want to win souls then set out to please Jesus Christ instead of sinners. Even a lost sinner knows that a good Christian ought to stand up for Christ and the Bible.
Let us boil the thing down simply. Whatever the Bible says, we ought to follow it. No one ought ever set up one Scripture against another and try to cancel out a plain command of Scripture by a twisted interpretation of another Scripture. - John R. Rice

Some people in the past have thought that the world is getting better and better, that the Gospel, combined with civilization and education and democracy and technological improvements, would after awhile make the world Christian and bring in the golden age. However, events in history prove what the Bible has long since declared, that the course of this age is a course of war, trouble, and decline. That is true religiously as well in morals and in righteousness. - John R. Rice

Again, let me say it plainly: I am against the Devil's crowd and I am for the Lord's people, those who are out and out for Christ and the Bible and say so, and seek to please Him. - John R. Rice

The Old Testament has a good many statements of spiritual truth sometimes in type and ceremony but often in direct teaching. In type, the Jews were clearly commanded not to yoke up an ox with an ass. They were never commanded not to yoke up an ox with another ox that had been yoked up with a donkey. The picture was of separation of God's people from the Devil's people. - John R. Rice

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