Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Quotes of the Week

My friend, if you have a Bible-teaching pastor, you ought to run over and put your arm around him. You ought to protect him, because he is valuable. Such men are few and far between. - J. Vernon McGee

Jer. 3:10 They were turning to God in a merely outward manner. They were going to the temple and were going through the rituals, but there heart was not in it at all. It was something Josiah was trying to produce. This reveals that there can be reformation without revival. Reformation without revival is never a genuine change. - J. Vernon McGee

These famous intellectuals who are not real believers are not capable of writing about the Word of God. They do not know God, and you must know Him in order to know His Book. It is interesting that you can read a human book and understand it without knowing the author of the book. A human book by a human author can be understood by another human being. But if you want to know the Bible, you need to know the Author and have Him as your Teacher. Only the Spirit of God can make the Word of God real to you. - J. Vernon McGee

If Jeremiah was faithful and obedient, if he spoke God's words with boldness and clarity, then it didn't matter if those words produced results. It did not matter if the people repented, if the nation came back to God or not. Results are God's department. Obedience was Jeremiah's department. As long as he kept in view the goal of obedience to God, he would be depression-proof. The same is true for you and me. - Ray C. Stedman

You may have God-given talents but have you given those talents to God? - Rick Jackson

You will never finish what God gave you to do unless you stay in the will of God, because God won't help you finish His will outside His will. You are going to have to get inside the will of God, which means inside the Word of God, and you're going to have to stay with the Bible. - Evangelist Lester Roloff

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