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Question of the Week - In Soul-winning, How Can you Always Qualify Your Prospect?



Always Qualify Your Prospect


One of the most sensitive areas of personal soul winning is qualifying the prospect.  That is, determining whether the person is saved or lost.  We refer to this in soul winning as "screening the prospect."


This is a most important step.  For if in dealing with someone you decide he is saved when he is lost, you have lost the opportunity to present Christ; and he remains in his sin with no Gospel presentation.  Oh, how many are presumed to be saved who are really lost!


I do not believe that they are trying to be deceitful or purposefully being dishonest.  Rather, many have a religious vocabulary.  They answer our questions just "good enough" for us to feel that they are saved.


How sad!  Many would come to Christ if only we had the wisdom to see that they are lost, then proceed to make a solid Gospel presentation.


In training in this area of soul winning, I instruct the soul winner to ask the question, "If you should die right now, are you absolutely sure that you would go to Heaven?"  Now, follow me closely.  Never become critical or argue with the response.  At this point you are only determining, Is this person saved or lost?


It is not best to try to teach one that he is trusting works at this point.  Remember, you are only determining, Is this person saved or lost?


For example, in response to your question, the person may say, "I hope so."


At this you would cordially smile and say something like this:  "Is that right?"  then proceed with your Gospel presentation.


Perhaps he says, "I've done the best I know how."


Then respond with, "I understand," then proceed with, "Could I take a moment to show you how you can know for sure?"


Then as you lead him down the Romans Road it becomes very clear that salvation is only in Christ.


If his first answer to your first question is not sufficient to give you a definite "yes" or "no" then you would ask additional questions until you have a clear understanding of his spiritual condition.


For example, he might respond, "I believe I would."


Then simply say, "That's great.  Tell me, when were you saved?"


At this point he might say, "I have always believed in Jesus and wanted to do my best."


Here you would consider him lost and proceed with the plan.


Recently, after bringing a message in a crusade, God blessed with numbers saved and many Christians taking steps of growth and dedication to God.  There was a spirit of conviction and brokenness.  At the close of the service a dear lady came and asked to speak with me.  We stepped out of the crowd, and she said, "Pray for me.  I really want to give God my all."


My first thought was to say, "God bless you." then to encourage her as a Christian.  Instead, I looked right at her and said, "It's wonderful that you want to live for God.  Tell me, are you absolutely sure that you have been saved?  I mean, if you should die today, are you sure you would go to Heaven?"  She began to weep and acknowledged she did not know for sure.  I had the privilege of sharing the Gospel and leading this dear lady to Christ.  The point: I could have assumed she was saved and just confused her more.  How sad this would have been!


I pray that these few simple suggestions will help you to always qualify your prospect.  Never presume about anyone's salvation.  Remember, their eternity is at stake! 




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