Sunday, April 19, 2015

J. Vernon McGee Quotes of the Week

It has been said that some people go to church to eye the clothes and others go to close their eyes. - J. Vernon McGee, Jeremiah & Lamentations

Notice with whom the persecution originates: it began in organized religion. Today the Word of god is being hurt and hindered most by the organized, liberal church which has rejected the Word of God. They will align themselves with some very shady characters, boasting of their brotherhood, their love for everyone, and their broad-mindedness. But when it comes to accepting a fundamentalist, someone who stands for the Word of God, I have found that their broad-mindedness and love disappears. There is more opposition to the furtherance of the gospel originating in the organized church than there is in the liquor industry or in any political group that I know of today [1978]. - J. Vernon McGee, Jeremiah & Lamentations

We hear the expression, Vox populi, vox Dei, that is, the voice of the people is the voice of God. There are a lot of people  in America who believe that. They consider public opinion as the authority. However, the mass of people is a fickle crowd that will follow one TV personality after another. It will elect a man to office if he has charisma even though he may be the biggest fool in the world and utterly corrupt in his life. The voice of the people is the very worst basis for authority. I thank God that He is not going to let the world vote the Lord Jesus into office! If God were to put it up to a public vote, Jesus Christ would never enter into His kingdom. I rejoice that God will send the Lord Jesus to this earth to put down rebellion. - J. Vernon McGee, Jeremiah & Lamentations

I have a great many amillennial friends who believe that God is through with the nation Israel. May I say to you, if He's through with Israel, then He's through with you and He's through with me. But He says, "I have loved you with an everlasting love." It doesn't make any difference what you and I think - God is not through with Israel. - J. Vernon McGee, Jeremiah & Lamentations

You and I are living in a universe where there is a God, a loving God, a God whose heart goes out in love and yearning over you. But I want to say this to you: if you turn your back on Him He will judge you even though He still loves you. He is the righteous God of this universe. - J. Vernon McGee, Jeremiah & Lamentations

Have you ever stopped to think in your own personal life why God permits certain people to cross your path? Do you wish that you had never met certain people? Are there people whom you would call your enemies? Someone may have caused you sorrow, but it is all for His purpose. God has permitted all that for a particular purpose. Learn to recognize the hand of God in your life. - J. Vernon McGee, Jeremiah & Lamentations

If we don't want a baby, we must take responsibility for our actions before a baby becomes a reality. God has made us capable of having babies, and when one has been conceived, it is His intention for that child to come into the world. The moment the child is conceived, he is a person, and to abort a pregnancy is murder of a human being. - J. Vernon McGee, Jeremiah & Lamentations

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