Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Quotes of the Week

If I have a complex, I'm too focused upon myself. A person who has a complex is a hard person to please, but a person who has a heart to serve God is pleased when God is honored. - Evangelist Wil Rice

God does not give His will for inspection. he gives it for obedience. - Evangelist Fred Brown

He's assigned us a job to do and avenging ourselves is not one of them. - Henry Hodges

Somebody breaks into my house... they've had a bad day. - Henry Hodges

The Devil has encouraged strong drink until millions are now alcoholics. - Dr. Lee Roberson

The life of faith excludes worry. Worry is sin. - Lee Roberson

The Commands of Christ are sharp and clear, but the response of His people is often measured and lifeless. - Lee Roberson

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