Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Inherited Pet Peeves

Funny [to me at least] is that I can inherit pet peeves from other people. Example- we always had dogs around when I was growing up. It never bothered me for a dog to lick itself [as long as it wasn't being indelicate]. But after my wife and I got a dog she would be driven to distraction if the poor thing so much as licked a paw. I laughed at this strange behavior for a long time until... you guessed it- it started bothering me too.

Now that's not really a big deal, just an oddity. But I was reminded today of another inherited pet peeve. This one I got from the late Sumner Wemp- a preacher, Christian educator and soul-winner. Brother Wemp would get upset at tracts written for the sole purpose of helping someone come to Christ but then leaving out the Gospel or part of it. If you did not realize it the Gospel is THE power of God unto salvation [Rm. 1:16]. Hence it is VERY important if someone needs to get saved. Now when I read a tract- as I am always on the lookout for helpful literature- I look for tracts that will clearly present the Gospel- complete, concise, clear - key elements to a good salvation tract.

So I read some sample tracts today sent to me from a company trying to get me to purchase their wares. One of the tracts, HE AROSE, clearly expressed what 1 Cor. 15 details for us is the Gospel- Christ died, for our sins, according to the Scriptures, He was buried according to the Scriptures, was resurrected and seen by many. Wonderful!

Another tract has some mish-mash in it, gave a muddled message with some unscriptural parts and was promptly shredded. A third tract gave the truths that (1) Christ died, (2) for our sins (3) according to the Scriptures and then completely ignored the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Really? The Resurrection is only the defining doctrine of the Christian faith and without it [1 Cor. 15] there is NO salvation. So what good is a "gospel" tract without the Gospel?

This used to bother Sumner Wemp to no end. I inherited that pet peeve from him. Now I'm peeved. Can you tell?

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