Tuesday, February 17, 2015


That's my personal convictions and stand. I believe they're Biblical. If you disagree with that you've got just as much right to be wrong as I have to be right. - Pastor Larry Brown

Your greatest need and first need, and until that is satisfied nothing else matters, is to get that new name- the name "Christian." I will never forget the night I got mine. 7 years old. Revival meeting in a little country church south of Birmingham, Alabama where I was raised. That night when the Spirit of God nailed me to my seat and that night on my face in front of the audience I opened my heart to the Saviour and He gave me that night, the name, "Christian." And I'm so thankful to God for the time He said, "On the roll, Fred Brown, now a child of God." - Evangelist Fred Brown [June 30, 1975, Sword Family Conference]

If you will dedicate yourself to God's Holiness He will dedicate Himself to your happiness. - note I came across in my mother's handwriting in one of her reading Bibles.

A chip on the shoulder indicates wood higher up. - unknown

If any man thinks ill of you do not be angry with him; for you are worse than he thinks you to be.  - Charles Spurgeon

You and I make appointments and miss them by half-an-hour. But God has never missed an appointment yet. - Charles Spurgeon

The storehouse of God’s Word was never meant for mere scrutiny, not even primarily for study, but for sustenance. - Vance Havner
There's a delusion going around today, even in evangelical and fundamental circles sometimes, that we must be entertained at church. Christianity has come all the way from an experience to a performance. - Havner

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