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QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Should Christians Go Green?

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Should Christians Go Green?


Unicorns in the Bible?
Should Christians Go Green?
What is our responsibility to the earth and to its inhabitants? Bible-believing Christians are often falsely accused of being anti-earth because we believe that God gave mankind dominion over the earth as stated in Genesis 1 and implied again in Genesis 9 after the Flood. What does this dominion mandate really equate to?
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Ken Ham Declares Darwin Was Wrong Day

Wasn't the Bible Written by Mere Men?

The real issue is whether God had any involvement in the authorship of the Bible. To claim the Bible was written by mere men, one must be transcendent.

Weathering the Spiritual Storm

Study Says Universe Had No Beginning?

A study suggests the universe had neither a beginning nor a big bang, but if the universe is eternal, then there is no need of God.

Ken Ham

Answering the Skeptics—Mega Conference

Plan to join us this June to be refreshed and get equipped to defend your faith and answer the skeptical questions of the age.

Ark Encounter

Inside Where It Is Warm

With over four inches of snow on the ground and temperatures plunging below zero, construction on the Ark may have slowed down on the outside, but work continues at the design studio.

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