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QUESTION OF THE WEEK: How did T. rex walk?

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March 1, 2014

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Q: How did T. rex walk?

A: To learn how theropods like T. rex walked, scientists chose a living model to represent them. The quality of their conclusions depends upon the suitability of their model. Their choice of a chicken, unfortunately, was based on the widespread claim that dinosaurs evolved into birds.
But the skeletal anatomy of birds and theropods is not the same. The hips are not the same. The thighs and legs are not the same. Defining what adjustments would be needed to transition one of these designs into the other does not show that such a thing ever could or did happen.
The Bible explains the origin of birds. It is no surprise that God's design for birds includes a femur position that not only makes the bird's uniquely efficient breathing system possible but also is positioned to allow a walking bird to keep its balance.
Read the whole article to see how researches attempted to correlate bipedal motion of dinosaurs and chickens using a fake tail.

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Get Equipped

Get EquippedFormed to Fly
This illustrated lecture explains that the current view of bird evolution via dinosaurs is far from probable and goes against all observable evidence. It is biological nonsense to claim that one evolved from the other by chance.

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After Eden

After Eden

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This week Steve Ham talks with AiG speaker Dr. Terry Mortenson to answer the question, "How Does the Character of God Relate to the Age of the Earth Controversy?"

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