Monday, March 03, 2014


2 KINGS 22


Pastor Rick Jackson


I. JOSIAH’S LIFE [v. 1-2]


1. Did Right in the Sight of the Lord but still needed Revival [v. 1-2]


2. Walked in the Way of David His Father but still needed Revival [v. 2b]


3. Turned Not Aside to the Right-hand or the Left but still needed Revival [v. 2c]


II. JOSIAH’S LOVE [v. 3-13]


1. Love for the House of God [v. 3-7]


2. Love for the Word of God [v. 8-12]


3. Love for the Will of God [v. 12-13]


III. JOSIAH’S LORD [v. 14-20]


1. God’s Holiness is seen in His Judgment [v. 14-17]


2. God’s Mercy is seen in His Answering Prayer [v. 18-19]


3. God’s Grace is seen in His House [v. 20, Ps. 23:6, John 14:1]

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