Monday, November 23, 2009


"To me tolerance is one of the most evil concepts in history. I think tolerance
is an insult to people. . . it degrades people. Never once in the Bible am I
called to be tolerant. I'm called to be loving." — Josh McDowell

Tolerance teaches that everyone's beliefs are equally valid. Tolerance is a dangerous idea because it destroys our ability to stand up for biblical truth.
Where would our society be if we had been tolerant of the holocaust or slavery?

You want to be careful. Don't get between God and a backslid Christian when God is disciplining them for correction. If you do- you get a shot of what God is going to give them. A lot ofttimes people are not tithing- they're backslid and they'll come to the church and say, "We want some money."
Man if we know they're not right we say, "get right with God and then we'll help you."
"Oh no. I ain't getting right with god. I ain't coming to church. I just want some help."
When you do that- you get between God [and them] and God says, "I'm going to get him and then I am going to get you!" You have to be careful. - David Bouler, message on Jonah, 9-27-1992

Marriage is like buying a record. You buy it for the side you like. But that other side comes with it. - David Bouler, 5-23-1993

Real love always lifts you to God. Lust always leads you to Satan. - David Bouler, 5-23-1993

Make much of Jesus Christ. - David Bouler

I like what that guy prayed, Be thorough with me Jesus, be thorough." - David Bouler

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