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QUESTION OF THE WEEK - Why do mutations pose a problem for evolutionists?

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November 14, 2009

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Q: Why do mutations pose a problem for evolutionists?

The mutations that we see in the world around us involve a loss of genetic information, not a gain. Mutations could never cause a species to gain genetic information and change into a more advanced species. This poses a problem for evolutionary claims that humans evolved from apes.
Mutations often pose problems for humans, in the form of birth defects. Some evolutionists claim that birth defects are the "trial and error" of evolution, and eventually this could create a new species or sub-species of human.
The reality is that the vast majority of mutations are detrimental (to some degree), and, thus, the genome of the human population is degrading. For more information regarding this, please see Dr. Georgia Purdom's recent article entitled Making the Evolution Pill Easier to Swallow, Part 2.

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