Thursday, July 06, 2017



Ah, when I think of this modern age,

How far we have come from the printed page.

Things that previously were found in books,

Now call us, audibly, to give them a look.

We have faxes, and modems, and gadgets galore,

Sold by the piece, the lot, or the store.

Palm sized gadgets and laptops too,

Make desktops something that many eschew.

We download books and read them all right,

Or choose to listen and thus save our sight.

Like Buck Rodgers, Sulu, or good Captain Kirk,

we can communicate by giving our wrists a slight jerk.

Flip open our phone and even have mail,

Makes the old postman seem like a snail.

With all this we've mentioned it must seem like baiting,

Where did I come up with the odd title...Waiting?

Copyright ©2006 Frederick A. Jackson

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