Friday, July 07, 2017

John R. Rice Quotes of the Week

Are you willfully ignorant of God's presence? Some are, says II Peter 3:5. It is a strange thing that God leaves it so the man who is set on false doctrine may find some excuse for it in the Bible. The man who wants to do part of the saving and have it done by the church and give men credit for it, will think that "born of water and of the spirit" means baptism. And that "baptized. . .for" (eis, with reference to) "remission of sins" in Acts 2:38, means baptism. And God allows one who wants to believe that good works is the way to Heaven to think that doing, doing, doing, is the way to be saved. That is inexcusable, but God does not force people to know the truth who do not want to follow the truth. - John R. Rice

Oh, you who would know the truth, be sure that your heart wants to know the truth. God speaks in parables to those who do not want to understand the plain truth. God leaves a man in darkness who does not seek the light. If you prefer darkness, you will find it. If you prefer talking in tongues to the anointing power of God to win souls, you are likely to get tongues instead of Holy Spirit power. If you read Acts, chapter 2, with a special yen to prove dispensations, then you are likely to think about the origin of the church instead of the marvel of three thousand people wonderfully saved in a day by the power of the Holy Spirit upon Christians. - John R. Rice

Only a fool would not believe the Bible, as Jesus said in Luke 24:25-27, and only a fool, if he believes the Bible, would not pay attention to the solemn, awful warnings about judgment on Christ-rejecting sinners! - John R. Rice 

If America is to have the blessing of God in the future as it has had by mercy in the past, then Christians should return to the historic Christian faith. It is still true that "the Bible is the bulwark of our liberties" as General Grant, President Lincoln, Daniel Webster, President Woodrow Wilson, President Theodore Roosevelt and many other great Americans believed. American greatness is based on the Bible as the very Word of God. The way to God's continued blessing is for those who take the name of Christ to go back to the Bible and to the Christ of the Bible. - John R. Rice

A woman came to me greatly distressed, and said, "My husband won't hear me. He doesn't have any confidence in me. I don't know what to say or what to do."
I said, "You have your eye on the wrong person. If you want your husband saved, your main job is to get hold of God, and then God will reach your husband." It is all right to do personal work. It is all right to pray. That is proper, but God Almighty must send His Spirit to the hearts of people. - John R. Rice

Sin is blacker than any man can ever know. God's love is greater than any man can fathom. Christ's suffering went beyond what we can even think. Forgiveness and salvation are easier to receive than any of us are willing to believe. - John R. Rice

God who is a God of love and mercy is also a God of judgment and vengeance when that love and mercy are despised and abused beyond all reason. Oh, what sore earned punishment is reserved for the Christ-rejectors! How much worse than stoning of sinners under Mosaic law! How much worse than anything else that can ever happen to a person in this life, will be the awful punishment and judgment in Hell! 

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