Friday, June 02, 2017

John R. Rice Quotes of the Week

I wonder dear friend, do you know Jesus as personal Saviour? How foolish not to read the Bible! How foolish not to believe any part of it! By neglect you let Satan work wicked things in your heart. But I would turn to love the Lord Jesus, to read the Bible, to study it, to follow it, to delight in the Word of God. That is the way of peace, joy, and happiness. Oh, I hope you will. - John R. Rice

I have a watch. Some ignoramus says, "Nobody made a watch; it just accidently happened. Parts got together. First, it was a checker then it was a button, then it was, after while, a steam gauge, then it got to be a watch. With twelve points there and the hand going around every second from one point to another, sixty seconds in an hour, and the minute hand going around and the hour hand going from one hour to another." You say, "It just happened."
You don't believe that. You are a fool if you do. A world with no World Maker, a universe and nobody planned it! Man and no Man Maker! I am saying anyone who believes that is crazy, foolish, wicked and blinded in sin. - John R. Rice

If we are taking the Bible standard, we must do away with this murder of a million innocent unborn babies each year. God will hold people to account. There is a holy God who will hold men to account for their sins. If the Bible is true, and if Christ is the Son of God, and if Jesus Christ is on the throne, then you can know that nobody gets by with sin. - John R. Rice

What can a Christian do about his Bible? First, he is to read it. Jesus said in Matthew 4:4, "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God." A Christian ought to read every word in the Bible. I think he ought to read every word of it every year. At least read the Bible through. If you read four chapters a day, in about eleven months you will have read the Bible through, then you can start over. I wouldn't do less than that, surely. - John R. Rice

Read the Bible. And what else should one do about it? Oh, I would set out to enjoy it, to delight in the Bible, to stand for it. I settled this thing a long time ago. I have lost many a friend because I said, "I will follow the Bible, wherever and whatever God says." I have set out to do it. I have lost the friends of a lifetime. I would do it again. But, thank God, I am keeping the peace of God and assurance, and the Bible says He knows those who are His. You can be sure God will raise up other friends if you do right and stand by the Bible and love it. - John R. Rice

What will the Bible do for you? First, it is the way to get saved. "Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the Word of God, which liveth and abideth forever." Born again by the Word of God. - John R. Rice

Once I was reading through the Gospel of Matthew and I came to the genealogy of the Lord Jesus: "So-and-so begat So-and-so, and he begat So-and-so," etc. I felt a little bored of this, having read that so many times. Suddenly God seemed to speak to me. "That is My Word you are feeling bored about!" And I asked the Lord to forgive me and I told Him I would preach on that the next Sunday morning. So I went through the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew, and that in Luke and, oh, wha...t blessing! Glory came down to fill our souls as we found Jesus Son of the kings and paupers, Jesus, Son of Adam, Son of Abraham, Son of David; Jesus from Bathsheba, from Ruth the Moabitess, and from Rahab the harlot, and from others. Oh, Jesus represents all mankind, that genealogy shows us.
There are no uninteresting parts of the Bible; but there are just some uninterested Christians. - John R. Rice

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