Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Quotes by People in the Present

The only time God is deaf is when we are dumb. - Raymond Barber

Prayer is not a secondary necessity, but a primary necessity! - Barber

The cross of Jesus Christ is the heart and soul of our redemption. - Barber

Bring them in, build them up, send them out! - Clyde Box

Human abilities end, but God's ablilities don't! - Evangelist Tim Thompson

Life is not made up of wishes and wants, but it is made up of decisions and choices that you make. -Thompson

My life is NOT my life, it's Christ's life. - Evangelist Bill Rice III

Cain found out from God you cannot get blood from a turnip! - Missionary Ron Corley

The will of God is not an option, it's an obligation. - Evangelist Wendall Calder

All the Bible is not written to me, but it is all written for me! - William Bray

God does not condone in your life what he condemned in the Bible! - Evangelist Ron Comfort

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