Friday, January 06, 2017

John R. Rice Quotes of the Week

You see, blood has to be paid for with blood. What will America do about a million babies killed last year? People cry, "Child abusers!" We have four or five cases now where little children have been beaten, and abused by parents. That is bad, and we have laws to take care of that. But there is a wicked hypocrisy in people who pretend to care for the child already born, then care not about the million or more babies put to death this year in America through abortion, wicked doctors taking part in murder for money; wicked women taking part in murder, wanting the pleasures of a married life with the responsibilities. Let's say they like the pleasures of a harlot but not the duties of a wife and mother. Such women are going to answer to God for blood. - John R. Rice

Oh, let us all make a new start. Here is a wonderful thing. The Bible promise is very sweet and clear, "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." Any kind of new vow for the new year must involve some sense of sorrow for any failure in the past, and some honest confession to God of that failure and sin. Then when we confess it, drop it. It is forgiven. It is marked off. It is held against you no more. Not only does Jesus forgive, but He cleanses from all unrighteousness. - John R. Rice

People say, "A woman ought to have a right about her body." No woman has a right to be impure. No woman has a right to be a murderess. No woman has a right to do wrong and go against the plain command of God. Put it down: a woman who doesn't want to take a wife's place, a mother's place, and be what God says a woman should be, shouldn't lie about it, shouldn't pretend. Murder will not make you what you want to be, not what you ought to be.
I am saying, America will have to give an account for the murder of unborn infants. - John R. Rice

It is still true that God hates the scarlet sin. Oh, my! You can't have a good home with that. You can't have integrity. You can't believe anybody's word. If people don't keep the promise to love, honor and obey till death do us part, the promise to love and to cherish till death does part us, how can you have any kind of communication that is reliable among people, unless they have some honesty of intent? Adultery breaks the moral law. It breaks a man's pledges and vows and morality. And no man can be trusted in any moral matter if he is guilty of adultery because he doesn't respect his own promise, the laws of God, or the rights of other people. - John R. Rice

A marriage is forever [till death do part].
You say, "Brother, you will condemn people to unhappiness." No. A husband can love his wife, because the Bible commands, "Husbands love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it." And a wife can love and honor her husband. And the wife who sets out to obey her husband, honor her husband, will find God puts love in her heart, too. Marriage is forever and people ought to count it so. - John R. Rice 

The Bible is for free enterprise, the capitalistic system. People ought to own property and it ought to be free. Nobody has a right to take it. When the Bible says, "Thou shalt not steal," that means there is an individual property right that everybody has to the things which he owns, and that right ought to be respected by others. - John R. Rice

Ownership of property and using the money to make a living and to get income is legitimate. By the capitalistic system I simply mean that if a man owns a hamburger stand and has somebody work for him, he is a capitalist. The man who owns a little farm and farms it and gets money from it, is a capitalist. That is the Bible plan. - John R. Rice

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