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Question of the Week: Is Atheism a Religion?

Subject: Is Atheism a Religion?
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Is Atheism a Religion?
Feedback: Is Atheism a Religion?
Is Atheism a Religion?
"Atheism is not a religion. Not even close. If you read the definition, you would quickly realize that Atheists don't worship any deities." This is feedback we received based on our assertion that atheism is a religion. As with any debated issue, it is crucial to immediately define the key terms. In this case, we need to start with the definition of religion.
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Zika Virus, the Olympics, and Genesis

Zika Virus, the Olympics, and Genesis

No one knows the origin of the Zika virus. Like all other viruses, it probably came into existence as a result of the Fall.

In the Space of Six Days?

In the Space of Six Days?

The words in the space of six days came from John Calvin's comments on Genesis. But was Calvin unclear about the length of the days of creation?

Ken Ham

Why Is the Ark Covered with Accoya Wood?

Whenever I post a picture of the Ark on social media, someone inevitably asks why different parts of the Ark are different colors.

Ark Encounter Logo

Why Work at the Ark Encounter?

At the Ark Encounter, we are always looking for energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate people who will create the best experience possible for our guests.

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