Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quotes of the Week

It's Christ righteousness that makes us acceptable to God and it is our righteousness which makes us acceptable with man. The world is looking for a Christlikeness in you and me from day to day. - Dr. J. R. Faulkner

Worrying is unbelief parading in disguise. - Faulkner

There is no future for an unforgiving person, only the baleful, crippling reliving of the past. Go on, forgive them. Release it. Let it go. - Scott Mitchell

Someone has said, "A perfect wife is one who doesn't expect a perfect husband." And the opposite of that is true also! - J. Don Jennings

Experience must be tested by the Word of God. Unfortunately, many folk today are testing the Word of God by their experience. My friend, if your experience is contrary to the Bible, then it is your experience, not the Word of God, which is wrong. - J. Vernon McGee

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