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Question of the Week: From one flesh or two?

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December 17, 2011

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Q: From one flesh or two?

A: Ever since the time of Darwin, many church leaders and academics have attempted various ways to harmonize Genesis with "millions of years" and Darwin's ideas of common descent. A new proposal by Bill Dembski (who teaches at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) claims that Adam and Eve came from "human-like beings" who lived outside the Garden of Eden.
You could test Dembski's claims against several scriptural teachings. But just one—the biblical teaching of "one flesh"—is more than sufficient to show how his position undermines key biblical doctrines, including marriage, the church, and ultimately the authority of God's Word in the Old and New Testaments.
If one takes Genesis 2:21–23 as literal history, then God made Adam first (from dust), and then put the man to sleep, and from his side (a rib) made the first woman. Adam said that this woman was "flesh of my flesh." They were one flesh.

Continue reading to see how Dembski's proposal clearly contradicts the plain reading of Scripture—including the teaching of Jesus about marriage.

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