Wednesday, November 17, 2010

5 Favorites- preachers in Heaven that I heard in my lifetime

J. Vernon McGee was mainly known to me as a radio preacher. He is famous for his Thru the Bible Radio program that goes chapter by chapter and book by book through the entire Bible [though not quite verse by verse]. I have all his notes in book form giving me a commentary on every book of the Bible. I always enjoy hearing his familiar drawl when I climb on board the Bible bus. A large influence on my early Christian growth and I still enjoy his books and messages to this day.

Fred Brown, for many years "the Senior Evangelist of Highland Park Baptist Church" in Chattanooga, Tennessee. His down home style and practical Bible messages made him one of my favorites early on in the years I was in Chattanooga. I even had the opportunity to have him preach in my small country church in Dunlap, Tn. He spoke to thousands but didn't hesitate to speak to dozens and he did it all as a true Southern gentleman.

The man I really have to thank for introducing me to most of the others here is Dr. John R. Rice. But it is not just his introducing me to them I have him listed. I was introduced to The Sword of the Lord my freshman year in college and through it, his books, his preaching and his influence Dr. John kept me from going down many wrong roads. he continues to be a blessing today as I listen on tape and CDs and read his works. I have every book of his that is currently in print and some that are not- treasures indeed. My wife and daughters also enjoy reading the good doctor.

I first heard Dr. Lee Roberson in person at the Bill Rice Ranch Founder's Week in July 1977 before I started attending Temple Baptist Theological Seminary in the fall of 1978. He preached right down the line, without veering to the left or the right. What a noble man of God and a great influence in my life. My preaching style was probably influenced more by him than any other man.

Brother to John Rice, Dr. Bill stands on his own. Co-founder of The Bill Rice Ranch and a marvelous Evangelist. I never got to hear him preach in person but I have heard him numerous times on tapes, CDs, VHS and DVDs. I saw him in person but he had had a stroke and was not able to preach... verbally. His life was a sermon in itself. I love his legacy- his books, his messages, the Ranch, his preacher sons and grandson and who knows what is still to come should the Lord tarry His coming.

God bless the memory of these good men. I thank my Lord for them all. May their tribe increase!

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