Monday, March 29, 2010


Brother Bobby, if you hurt me, it's not your fault. It's my fault, because I am supposed to be dead and you can't hurt anything dead. - Lester Roloff

The Devil will make sure that somebody, it'll be our best friend sometimes, somebody will hurt us and abuse us- but die to it, hold no grudges, love 'em, and keep going on. - Bobby Roberson

Deception will enslave you while the truth will set you free. - Evangelist Chris Miller

The normal Christian life is the victorious Christian life because its not us- its Jesus Christ. - Miller

I wanted to tell you... I enjoyed having our guy Chris Miller there ... you know Miller time used to mean a beer for me before I got saved but now it means I got to hear Chris Miller, Evangelist. That's a good testimony there I think, but I enjoyed Miller time yesterday! Alright y'all have a good one and we're going to keep praying... - Billy Jackson

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