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Question of the Week: Did mercury poisoning create a toxic Flood?

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March 27, 2010

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Q: Did mercury poisoning create a toxic Flood?

Answers MagazineA: Today we are hearing more and more about mercury pollution. Mercury could contaminate the water we drink, the air we breathe, or, most commonly, the fish we eat. In the last six decades alone it has proven to be directly responsible for thousands of deaths worldwide and has caused untold illness. Mercury's danger has led some skeptics to argue that the global Flood described in Genesis would have released so much mercury into the environment that life would be impossible.
God created mercury for man's benefit and designed natural processes to regulate its concentration and form in the environment. To understand these processes, let's look at how mercury levels remained relatively safe even in the greatest disaster in history, the Genesis Flood.

Continue reading to find out how God provided for the preservation of life during the Flood of Noah's day. This question is answered, along with many others like it, in our latest edition of Answers Magazine.
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Our X-men kin: Neanderthals, move over—there may have been another "human lineage" walking on earth in recent history, known only from an individual called "X-woman" (elsewhere reported as "Woman X") Read more.

A dinosaur's best friend: While the well-known tale is that one kind of catastrophe drove the dinosaurs extinct, new research suggests another kind of catastrophe may have given them a leg up. Read more.


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