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QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Can we "stand on the promises" logically?

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February 13, 2010

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Q: Can we "stand on the promises" logically?

When explaining their beliefs, Christians often feel they must first prove the Bible or prove the existence of God. This approach reveals that they do not yet understand the Bible's approach, known as presuppositional apologetics.
Presuppositions are simply beliefs that everyone has that affect how they think, view the world, interpret evidence, and read the Bible. Apologetics is a reasoned defense of beliefs. So presuppositional apologetics is a reasoned defense of Christian beliefs based on recognizing our presuppositions.
For instance, our presupposition is that God exists and He has given us His Word (the Bible) that is absolute truth. So we use the Bible as the basis for how to think, interpret evidence, explain the world around us, and read the Bible. An atheist's presupposition will most likely be that there is no God and that truth is relative. An atheist believes that man decides truth, and so he thinks, interprets evidence, and views the world and Bible accordingly.

Visit our website to continue reading how to show someone the truth without throwing away our starting point, God's Word.

Live webcast—State of the Nation 2

Last June, Answers in Genesis President Ken Ham gave our first-ever live video webcast from the Creation Museum, addressing the real state of the nation. He shared sobering statistics about the rapidly-declining spiritual health of America, and discussed what needs to be done to "stop the bleeding."
State of the Nation 2 LogoWith over 85,000 viewers, the first webcast was a huge success! That's why we are excited to announce our upcoming second live webcast on February 16—State of the Nation 2 with Ken Ham.
Ham's webcast will touch on social issues such as abortion, "gay" marriage, origins, and the role of religion in society. He will encourage Christians to know what the Bible says on these matters, and help them understand how to defend the biblical viewpoint in an increasingly hostile environment.
Be sure to watch this free webcast at on February 16, 2010 at 8 a.m. EST.
Also, please spread the word to your family, friends, church, and anyone who could benefit from this important and timely call for biblical authority.

News to Note Quick Look

Did "dinosaurs" evolve from birds?: "[M]ore evidence that birds did not descend from ground-dwelling theropod dinosaurs": research from Oregon State University, home to evolutionists who reject the dinosaur-to-bird evolution tale. Read more.

The name's Inuk: The most famous face in science news this week is that of "Inuk," an ancient Greenlander whose genome was reconstructed from 4000-year-old hair. Read more.


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