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Another, "one another,"be ye kind to one another"


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Another, "one another,"be ye kind to one another"

From the writings of Sumner Wemp

Feb 5, 2010

Another, "one another,"be ye kind to one another"

(1) We "need one another" 1 Cor 12:18-22.

(2) We must "love one another" Jn 13:34, 35.

(3) We must "forgive one another" Eph 4:32.

(4) We need to "pray for one another" James 5:16.

(5) "Exhort one another daily" Heb. 3:13.

(6) "teaching and admonishing one another" Col. 3:16.

(7) provoke one another unto love and good works" Heb. 10:24.

(8) "By love serve one another" Gal. 5:13. "Be kind and compassionate to one another" Eph. 4:32

Be kind

"Kindness" in the Greek means just what we mean in English, "good, pleasant, gracious." "Love is kind" 1 Cor. 13:4. "The fruit of the Spirit is gentleness" kind, the same word Gal. 5:22. It certainly is not the "works of the flesh" Gal 5:19. The flesh is selfish, angry, and unkind. I have heard people say, "That is just not my nature to be kind." They hit the nail on the head. It is no one's natural nature.

Christians must be different

We have a new nature 2 Peter 1:4, a new nationality, we are in the kingdom of God, His children and we must act like it. It is essential to "be filled with the Spirit" Eph 5:18 and "walk in the Spirit" Gal. 5:16 so we do not fulfill the desires of the flesh.

Set goals

"If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time." Make it a goal to be kind to people. God says, "Put on kindness" Col. 3:12. Work at it. We must deliberately do it. Oh, my, what fun it is to be kind to someone on purpose. How warm and wonderful when someone is kind to us. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Make sense? God is kind, see Luke 6:35 and Titus 3:4.

Prayer: Father, You are so good, so kind to us. May we learn to be kind one to another like You are to us. In Jesus name.

Learn to share the love of God in everything you do and that includes being kind to one an other.

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