Friday, February 12, 2016

John R. Rice Quotes of the Week

"in due season we shall reap, if we faint not." Godly sowing is followed with godly reaping (Gal. 6:9). - John R. Rice

The story of Joseph makes sure that it is worthwhile to serve God, Always those who please Him turn out well. And let every man in his heart feel a holy allegiance and glad joy to resist temptation, to forgive enemies, to make good where you are, to be patient in trouble, until God works out His perfect plan in each life. - John R. Rice

I started out as an evangelist, but I soon found that I was so absorbed in God's work and had to be away from home much of the time. It has turned out that thirty or thirty-five years of my married life I have been away from wife and children. Oh, I did what I could. I wrote letters. I loved them and taught them, and God wonderfully helped. But I felt then and I feel now that since I could not be at home to give the attention that a boy would need to make him a great, good man, God chose to give me six girls, and I was reconciled and happy with His plan. - John R. Rice

All the types that God gave through Moses would surely be understood by such a spiritual man. Jesus spoke to people in parables, and spiritually-minded people were to get the meaning of the parables while they would be meaningless to the careless, the indifferent and the cold-hearted. We may be sure that Moses was not cold-hearted nor careless.
How could he hear and give the teaching about the Passover supper and the blood on the door without knowing that the Passover lamb was to be a picture of the Saviour? A male lamb of the first year, roasted with fire, without water, and eaten with bitter herbs and all at one time on the Passover night- what a picture of the Saviour! Surely no one can doubt that Moses understood that. If Abraham, with so little type and picture, saw Christ's day and was glad as Jesus said he was, how much more Moses must have known about Christ! - John R. Rice

In the Bible to "prophesy" means to speak in the power of the Holy Spirit, as you can see from Acts 2:17, 18. There we are told that the Holy Spirit was poured out upon old men, young men, servants, handmaids and sons and daughter "and they shall prophesy." So a prophet was one who could speak for God, with the authority of God and with the power of God. - John R. Rice

In the Holy Land it is sad that the people who have made the most of sacred places and built churches and grown up traditions about them, seem to know less of the Gospel, and are less moved by the Spirit of God than others. Perhaps that is why no one can be sure of the place where Jesus was born. I do not think it was that cave in Bethlehem but it was in a stable. Perhaps that is why God left it intentionally doubtful between the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the garden tomb and Gordon's Calvary in Jerusalem. God does not want men worshipping places. He is not concerned that men worship at Jerusalem, or Mount Gerizim with the Samaritans, but only "in Spirit and in truth." - John R. Rice 

The Lord Jesus pronounced a curse on the fig tree that did not bear figs! And how the Lord Jesus must be grieved at Christians who do not do the one main thing dearest to His heart, that is, the winning of souls. - John R. Rice

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