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Question of the Week: Wood from Noah's Ark?

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November 12, 2011

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Q: Wood from Noah's Ark?

A: On April 25, 2010, a press conference was held in Hong Kong to announce to the world the potential discovery of the remains of Noah's Ark on Mt. Ararat in Turkey by a joint Chinese–Turkish team of explorers. Both before and after this press conference, representatives of the discovery team had cautiously been seeking to make contact with sympathetic scientists whose positive support they hoped to enlist.
These Chinese members of the discovery team wanted to determine if AiG geologist Dr. Andrew Snelling would be sympathetic to their claims, and able to participate with them in their planned press conference, to appear as an "expert witness" to corroborate their potential discovery. He would have seriously considered their request if they could convince him that this discovery was genuine. However, Dr. Snelling was already skeptical because the Bible tells us the Ark landed on "the mountains of Ararat" halfway through the Flood on day 150 (Genesis 8:4), rather than on Mt. Ararat itself, which is mostly a recent volcano that has erupted numerous times in recent history.

Continue reading as Dr. Snelling reveals why this discovery cannot be the remains of the biblical Ark.

News to Note Quick Look

Saber-toothed "squirrel": A small extinct saber-toothed mammal dubbed Cronopio dentiacutus has paleontologists excited about the features it combines. The two partial skulls and jaws were recently freed from their stony tomb of Cretaceous rock in Argentina. Read more.

Peacock-o-saurus: The Society for Vertebrate Paleontology's annual meeting in Las Vegas has provided a forum for paleontologists to share their latest findings, including another reputation rehabilitation for Oviraptor. Alberta graduate student W. Scott Persons IV presented his research on the misunderstood dinosaur's tail, producing a visual image sure to make it into animated fantasy features. Read more.


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